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In the land with the redwoods big and tall where the snowflakes rain each night where the rivers flutter with magical creatures and the deathless flowers delight lives the fairy queen dancing through her dream-like kingdom dusk till dawn. That’s Anais the girl who dwells in her hallowed psychedelic imagination. 


Born and raised in the hills of Los Angeles to a poet mother and entrepreneurial doctor, art and inventiveness were a part of Anais’ life since day one. Always as a little girl Anais would sit and read stories of fantasy or adventure and look out into the tree surrounding her home and imagine what it would be like to be those magical beings in those stories. Her foundation as an artist comes from those long days of dreaming as a little girl. She would sit and write for hours about nonsense with pad and pen and twinkle her little fingers on the keys of the piano creating tunes and singing along.


She wanted to be a writer, a musician, and an actor she wanted to do everything. And she does. Anais is a multidisciplinary artist whose limits know no bounds. She transcends space and time with her deeply emotional and often surrealistic creations. In her time studying acting at CalArts Anais discovered acting to be a prayer to the totality of the universe. She finds that acting is a meditation and through the meditation of acting she finds inner peace and light. She lives her life each day with the goal of making herself a better human being. She wants to make the world a better place for everyone around her and to give radical self-love to all. Anais is a serious animal lover and has a fat French bulldog named Morty.


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