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I am a fairy that dwells in the realms of thick redwoods. I am an alien that travels in the dimensions in between dimensions. I am a wild nature-loving creature that dances under the moon. I am a bottle of pink champagne and a hunk of blue cheese. I am a pair of surrealistically printed 19th century pair of heeled boots. I am creative human who hungers to explore her mind body and spirit.  I desire to give myself over to the magic of the cosmos.


I am multidisciplinary artist: an actress, and writer, a musician. I dream fat and big and my imagination is as rich as dark chocolate. Through the art of acting I can adventure to places unknown and make friends with uncertainty. I can live dangerously and beautifully. I can constantly challenge what makes me human. I am addicted to blindly throwing myself into the unknown. Mastering risk and living in the unpredictable is what makes life exciting. As a writer and a musician I delight in the nonsensical, absurd, and hallucinatory worlds I concoct through my auditory and written tales. My empathic nature is sewn into the essence of the characters I bring alive—both with body and pen—and their auras are flavored with my unique perception of the world.


I’m brilliant at picking up on things unsaid, which brings multidimensionality to my work. My art is cleverly crafted with a deep observational intelligence. In my acting I strive for raw emotional truth in constructing my characters. The venture toward the truth of the given situation takes precedence over everything else. I work hard and I never give up. Ever. No matter what. In spite of any frustration or difficulty I always persevere and follow through until something is complete.


I hope through my art I can inspire people to want to be more human. To help other people take a moment, a pause, a breather, and to really look at what is in front of them. To really observe the moment and to realize that life isn't permanent. That everything is constantly changing and evolving. That we can't obsessively control the world. To let go and allow. Allow the universe to do its magical work. I want to show people the beauty that is our environment. The grandeur that is Mother Nature. The magnificence of existence.


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